Share Restaurant Menu and Deals on Social Media with Wizlink Link in Bio Tool

Challenges That Restaurants Face in Social Media Marketing

Restaurant owners and food vendors are constantly struggling with social media marketing. They have to juggle between running their businesses and sharing food menus and restaurant deals on social media such as Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. However, the challenge is not only limited to finding time to manage their social media accounts but also finding the right tools and strategies to successfully market their restaurants. For example, some restaurants might have to constantly change the link in their Instagram bio to a current bio link to promote each time they have a new campaign or unrelated content. This can be a tedious task, especially if they have to keep updating multiple social media profiles and other online channels.

Wizlink mobile landing page restaurant template

Ineffective Ways Restaurants Drive Sales Through Social Media

If you're a restaurant or food vendor, you may have tried various ineffective methods to drive sales through social media. Manually updating your menu and promotions on multiple platforms can be a tedious and error-prone process. You may also feel limited in your ability to engage with your followers on social media. Measuring the success of your social media marketing campaigns and collecting feedback from your followers can also be difficult. But, a link-in-bio tool can simplify all of this for you. You can create a centralized hub for your social media marketing, customize your landing page to reflect your brand, create interactive and engaging content, track performance metrics, and collect customer feedback all in one place.

How Wizlink Link in Bio Tool Can Benefit Restaurants & Food Vendors

Wizlink is a link in bio tool and dynamic mobile landing page builder with over 30 pre-designed templates (widgets) to suit various social and marketing needs on social media and easily convert followers on e.g. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin to customers or supporters.

Wizlink, a free Linktree alternative, can greatly benefit restaurants in several ways:


  1. Streamline Social Media Marketing: Restaurants can use Wizlink to create a centralized hub for their social media presence. They can create a landing page that showcases their menu, promotions, locations, contact information, and the delivery apps they are listed on, making it easy for followers to take action.
  2. Drive Traffic to Website: The simplicity of Wizlink mobile landing page and a single custom short link in the format of ‘’ which can be shared in the bio or profile section of e.g. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Linkedin enables restaurants to drive more traffic to their restaurant page on food delivery apps like Doordash, Deliveroo, JustEat, Uber Eats etc., or to their website to order, or learn more and take further action. Restaurants and food vendors can use the Wizlink Restaurant widget to promote their latest menu items, deals, promo codes and even share different menus of different outlets of the same restaurant in a compact, pleasant and professional way.
  3. Facilitate Engagement: Available among a collection of useful social and marketing templates (widgets) in the Wizlink dashboard is a Contest widget that restaurants can use to promote giveaways to their social media audience. This can help increase engagement and encourage followers to share the promotional content with friends and followers.
  4. Measure Success: Wizlink provides insights into the performance of your social media marketing campaigns. Restaurants can track clicks, conversions, and other key metrics to measure the success of their campaigns and make informed decisions about future marketing efforts.
  5. Save Time & Money: Wizlink Restaurant widget saves time and money for restaurants by simplifying the process of sharing information on social media. Restaurants and food vendors can easily update their menu, promotions, and business information in one central platform, rather than requiring coding skills or the help of a developer to update their website, reprinting marketing flyers, and perhaps discarding outdated ones, or having to manually update their content on multiple platforms.


Overall, Wizlink mobile landing page and link in bio tool is a valuable tool for restaurant owners, managers and food vendors looking to streamline their social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin etc., drive more traffic to their website or outlets, increase engagement and sales, and measure the success of their campaigns.



Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Restaurant Mobile Page with Wizlink

  1. Sign up and login to your Wizlink dashboard, then (skip to #3 to edit an existing campaign)
  2. Click the Create New Campaign box
  3. Click into the Campaign box or Edit
  4. Browse to the Restaurant widget under Market & Services or use the search bar
  5. Click Add next to the Restaurant widget to open the editor
    • Create new campaign on Wizlink link in bio tool
  6. Complete the necessary fields with your restaurant and menu details such as mains, sides, deals, voucher promo codes and CTA buttons. Don’t forget to upload those luscious, palatable, enticing photos for your menu items.
  7. View your menu card in the preview in real-time as you add the details, then hit Submit when done.
    • Create food menu, share restaurant menu on Instagram link in bio


  1. Wish to change your background theme? Go to Themes & Settings under My Profile and choose from the collection of cool themes.
    • Change Wizlink mobile landing page background theme
  2. If you haven’t customised your unique short link, head back to the Overview panel
  3. Click the pencil icon next to your link
  4. Edit your extension (username) for your custom
  5. Grab your link and paste it in the bio section of your socials e.g. Instagram


Easy-peasy! Start sharing restaurant deals, food menu with followers, and update it as frequently as you wish with Wizlink.


Wizlink Mobile Landing Page Examples for Restaurant Owners & Food Vendors

Wizlink restaurant menu templates for link in bio